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Firearm Liability Insurance

It is estimated that more than 80 million Americans own at least one firearm.  A recent Gallup poll indicates that the number one reason for owning a firearm is personal safety.

But what happens if a law-abiding citizen is actually forced to use a gun to protect himself or a loved one?  There will be an investigation – and potentially a criminal trial.  Even after an acquittal of criminal charges there is no guarantee that the “victim” or their family won’t pursue frivolous claims in civil court.

Many homeowner policies specifically exclude firearm use – even in self-defense.  That leaves the gun owner personally liable for legal expenses, bail bond costs, and any judgments awarded through a civil action.  Protect yourself with a firearm liability policy specifically designed to respond to these demanding legal issues.

Coverage Packages


Criminal Defense Coverage


Civil Actions Coverage



Per Year


Criminal Defense Coverage


Civil Actions Coverage



Per Year


Criminal Defense Coverage


Civil Actions Coverage



Per Year


Criminal Defense Coverage


Civil Actions Coverage



Per Year

What’s Included?

Coverage you can count on.

Our plans are built with you in mind.  Not only do we cover legal fee’s but we also look to cover your wellbeing with healthcare coverage and income replacement during an incident.

Attorney Retainer

Advances funds to the insured to cover the cost of retaining legal counsel to defend against a criminal action.

Legal Expenses

Legal battles can be expensive.  Our policyholder are covered by all our plans.

Legal Defense

Policy will reimburse insured for reasonable legal expenses incurred while defending him/herself against criminal charges arising from the use of a firearm in self-defense

Damages, Awards & Judgments

In the event of an adverse civil judgment occurring from a covered event, the policy will pay monetary awards

Firearm Theft Liability

Provides legal defense for civil actions resulting from bodily injury/property damage caused by firearm stolen from the insured.

Psychological Support

Reimbursement for therapy sessions with a licensed professional to help the insured cope with the trauma associated with using a firearm in self-defense.

Income Coverage

Compensation for loss of earnings resulting from time off taken from work to assist the insurance carrier in the investigation or defense of a covered claim.

Free Legal Consultations

Access to a hotline staffed by legal professionals.  This service provides advice on questions relating to the use of a firearm in self-defense.

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